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Sustainability in the Botenwirt

we love, apprecIate and respect nature

For us, living sustainable is a fundamental attitude and not a fad.
That's why Erich, our senior boss and chef, always pays special attention to regionality and seasonality in the preparation of his delicacies. And he processes in his kitchen everything that grows in our garden.
A few years ago we already installed a photovoltaic system (this will be expanded soon) and a fully electric vehicle which belongs to the hotel, is charged via this system and offers emission-free driving pleasure.
In summer, our natural swimming pond offers you pure relaxation and bathing pleasure. Pure, in this case, means pure water without chemical additives.

Our garden rewards us abundantly

Gitti, our senior boss, takes care of our garden with a lot of love and gets richly rewarded. Rowanberries, rose hips, lavender, arnica or marigolds are used to make syrup and delicious jams or get dried for fragrant herb sacks.

From her herbs and those that Gitti brings back from one of her herb hikes, she creates her famous "Kräuterbitter".

Chives, parsley and nasturtium from our herb pyramids are added to Erich's kitchen and may soon be used to refine your dishes.

Organic from the valley

We purchase products such as cheese, hay milk and yoghurt from our three organic farmers in Kleinarl - they have joined forces under the "Bio aus dem Tal" brand.
The venison comes directly from the local hunt, a large part of the beef also comes from a farmer in the region and berries and mushrooms come from the forests of Kleinarl.
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